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SIC Raptor Wing

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SIC Raptor Wing 

We are very pleased to present the all-new SIC Raptor wing, that has been designed
and rigorously tested by the team on Maui and Europe. The SIC Raptor Wing has been
designed and tested in collaboration with our sister company CORE Kiteboarding,
one of the world’s leaders in kite design and technology.

A number of exclusive materials, such as :
- The ultra-rigid, non-stretch, ExoTex® Dacron used on the leading edge,
- Or the CORETEX® TRIPLE RIPSTOP canopy material,
… have been developd by CORE Kiteboarding and shared with SIC.

Key performance features :
- Expect snappy turns, explosive lift, and smooth sailing upwind.
- Feel the tight, crisp signature of a Wing using CORETEX® TRIPLE RIPSTOP canopy material.

Low aspect ratio of the wing provides tremendous power. A shorter wingspan reduces
the chance of your wingtip dragging in the water when powering up, tacking, jibing and board touch downs.

The Raptor wing uses an in-flow panel connecting canopy with the control strut,
ensuring that the wing maintains the most efficient aerodynamic profile during
acceleration and cruising speed.
The web handle loops help maintain control, trim, and comfort


The Raptor Wing uses a RUSH-AIR valve system that enables you to quickly inflate &
deflate the wing.
- The leading edge and control strut have two independent valves, allowing you to
independently control their pressure for fine-tuning.

All Raptor Wings will be delivered as complete packages, with pump, bag & leash in
2021. While this may not be strictly necessary in the long-term, as Wing Foiling is a new sport we prefer to deliver complete packages to help users get started.

The Raptor Wing is available in 5 different sizes, particularly the 7.0 for larger riders
and/or use in the snow