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Prijon PriLite Skegyak 509

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Art.No. 20170

The all new PriLite SkegYak - a fascinating, exciting and technical touring- and seakayak in a modern Skeg-design!

Made of our lightweight and robust PriLite-material!

A versatile kayak for a fast trip across the lake and longer tours with luggage.

Excellent tracking qualities and a good velocity due to its slim shape!

Its tracking qualities can be improved by using the Skeg. By doing so, you gain more power for propulsion.

Special comfort and excellent power transmission is offered by the innovative seat system. It is shaped ergonomically and very comfortable, thanks to the hip pads. The adjustable back belt supports the lower back when paddling and ensures an enormous amount of mobility.

Thanks to the lighweight PriLite-material, it weights only approx. 24 kg and is therefore 5 kg lighter than the HTP-version. Makes loading it on and off the roof of your car easier, and positively affects its riding qualities.


  • Seat-system adapated from the whitewater PRO-outfitting
  • Slim cockpit offering best possible power transmission and control
  • SeaDog footrest
  • Skeg-box
  • Two waterproof bulkheads
  • Day hatch
  • Two bungee deck riggings
  • Roundabout leash
  • Paddle-holder
  • Anti-theft device

A big difference to other bulkhead-hatch systems on the market is our system, which is also used in the PriLite Skegyak. The huge advantages of our 2-hatch-system (neopren-hatch + PE-hatch) are:

The holes are shaped in a best possible way matching to the shape of the kayak (more oval), so that you can easily put in bigger luggage pieces (compared to round/standarised holes)
Our system is lighter than the rubber hatches
When it's cold, our hatches are much easier to open and close, thanks to the easy handling of the PE-hatch and the neopren-hatch, as they don't get so inflexbile as rubber hatches do
Streamlined shape, similar to the deck, therefore less attack surface for wind and easier to eskimo-roll


  • MATERIAL PriLite
  • LENGTH 509 cm
  • WIDTH 56 cm
  • WEIGHT 24 kg
  • VOLUME 360 L
  • CAPACITY 130 kg
  • COCKPIT 3 (88cm)
  • PADDLERWEIGHT 65 - 115 kg


  • TRACKING 9 (without Skeg: 6)
  • AGILITY 8 (without Skeg 5)
  • SPEED 9